Galaxy Note Stress Test 10 Plus: A Solid Cell Phone …


That Galaxy Note 10 is a beautiful piece of engineering, with a metal frame that is so thin that one part has to be widened for the volume control and power button to have a place to stay. It adopts the so-called glass sandwich design and the eccentric Aura Glow color option highlights this feature because there are no other phones on the market. But how long is it Galaxy Note 10 series, and in particular Galaxy Note 10+, who has bigger footprints? Yes popular YouTube channel JerryRig all try to answer this question with a new stress test video starring Note 10+ 5G.

A fair warning to readers who have never heard of a JRE stress test – difficult and no smartphone has reached the end of a JRE test without any harm. The following video illustrates Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is scratched, match burned, and more, so if you don't want to see a new flagship undergoing this type of harsh treatment, you may want to avoid its gaze.


This is a very powerful device, but don't leave your Pen around

That Galaxy Note 10+ 5G appears to have passed the JRE endurance test with great success. The front and rear windshield panels are scratch-resistant to some degree, but there are no unpleasant surprises here. These results meet our expectations, and if previously Galaxy The S10 stress test is a later indicator Note The fingerprint sensor on the 10+ screen should work with light strokes.

This video also highlights that frame around him Note 10+ is made of aluminum instead of stainless steel; That doesn't mean more confirmation is needed after Samsung has backtracked on its original statement. Either way, the phone is not easy to fold. In fact, JRE can't bend a cell phone at all, from both sides, and it's quite interesting to see how thin the metal frame is.

This cannot be said for the S Pen, which has a plastic unibody feature. This video gives the impression that the S Pen breaks easily like a regular wooden pencil, so you should never leave a pencil on the sofa. Store inside Note 10 every time you don't use it; Not only will it prevent damage, but it will also cost you whenever you need it.

  • Model: SM-N975F

  • Size: 162.3 × 77.2 × 7.9mm

  • Appearance: 6.8 "(172.7mm) Super AMOLED

  • CPU: Exynos 9825

  • Camera: 12 Ultra wide: 16MP F2.2 (123 °) and wide angle: 12MP 2PD AF F1.5 / F2.4 OIS (77 °) and telephoto: 12MP F2.1 OIS (45 °) and depth of view of camera: VGA

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