Galaxy S and Galaxy Note mergers now make more sense


In the past two years or so, there are rumors that Samsung is combining the two Galaxy S and Galaxy Note The last line or ax. Galaxy Note Users find the proposition to be almost unacceptable, especially since it could involve "downloading" their favorite path to a smartphone without an S Pen. But given Samsung's trends of the past few years, which might actually be the best and inevitable result, as long as it makes a concession to productive and creative stylus lovers.

Close the gap

Samsung creates Galaxy Note line to offer a screen size that is larger than normal and a built-in stylus for note taking and artwork. Over the years, however, the lines are dividing. Galaxy S and Galaxy Note the family remains blurred until it disappears.


Today phablets are new and normal Galaxy Note The remaining distinguishing factor is the Pena S, which some consider to be no longer sufficient reason to maintain it.

That makes both logical and commercial sense, starting with the last Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Flagships begin to look more alike every year. As this trend continues, Samsung may feel compelled to introduce differences for the sake of differentiation, even when it disadvantages one or more other product lines.

When that happens, it might be better to destroy the two worlds together than to have one or the other die with a sad and shameful death.

Courageous innovation

Some will claim that Galaxy Note The line has represented Samsung's innovative efforts, and that may be true for a time. Ignore S Pen, the Galaxy Note Typically, the phone is the first to use a new processor, more memory, and new experimental technology before it's stable enough to integrate in the coming year. Galaxy S flagship.

Responding to market trends and practices, Samsung has begun to incorporate innovations. Galaxy S phone right away, especially when on sale Galaxy Note the year before you got drunk Since last year, you've also introduced experimental features. Galaxy Instead, making that argument is debatable.

By combining its two iconic lines into one, Samsung can unleash the second slot this year for truly innovative products, providing those who want a little more excitement, along with some uncertainties, to look forward to each year.

Galaxy Fold

Of course, nothing is more exciting and more uncertain than ever. Galaxy Fold. There is still no guarantee that it will be the success that Samsung wants. This item is reportedly quite popular, perhaps thanks to its rarity as well.

If it turns out to be really successful despite all the hurdles and prices, Samsung already has a product that will definitely launch in the second half of this year. Result Galaxy However, delays can have benefits.

But even if Galaxy Fold folds, Samsung can still use the slots in IFA to launch new designs and technologies. In the past, you dared to throw things like Galaxy Round and maybe it's time to wake up the smartphone market and show that it has not lost touch and has not yet stalled.

Don't kill Pena S

If Samsung decides to only have one premium premium per year, one thing that shouldn't be done is throwing innovation away for years on the S Pen. This may sound a little biased as it comes from a stylus lover, but Samsung should continue to support the stylus with Wacom, whether you put it on the phone or as a separate external accessory.

Galaxy    S and Galaxy Note        mergers now make more sense 2

Where in the world smartphones Starting to look increasingly similar in design and features, the S Pen remains the only unique Samsung feature that cannot be emulated by a smartphone maker or other accessory.

Remembering a continuing demand or an illusion for Apple Pen holder, maybe it's just a matter of time before iPhone gets features and you can bet you won't have any pen silos. When that day comes, Samsung will likely brag about many announcements of how, like the big screen, it has led that space for years.

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