Galaxy S5 Marshmallow

by Kelvin

Galaxy S5 Marshmallow 3

Every time we talk about the arrival of 6.0.1 Marshmallow or some version of Android to different devices in the world. Keep in mind that the procedure is done in phases. In the case of Korea, users of Galaxy S5 confirmed that in Germany the Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow was already available, but was not available in Spain.

Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Android 6.0.1

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Since the announcement of the Android 6.01 Marshmallow in the Galaxy S5 was recently, many users of this device living in Korea confirmed their arrival. The newest version of Google's mobile OS is enjoyed by those who belong to the “SM-G901F” line.

You can know more about Marshmallow at Galaxy S5 by code "G901FXXU1CPE1". It was developed during the month of May, and has a list change code, which we can locate as "7582628".

If you want to know some reasons why the 6.0.1 Marshmallow update is so fantastic, you should consider elements such as Doze Mode. This has been specially developed for battery saving, in addition to the modifications in the permits granted to applications.

Advantages of Galaxy S5 Marshmallow

Among the advantages are:

Fingerprint reader

There will be more security thanks to the fingerprint reader. We can use it to lock our phone and for applications.

4K mode

The ability to use the device with applications that require 4K resolution.

Smart Device Restore Assistance

The Smartphone will be restored returning with all our data. Including applications, call logs and text messages.

Disadvantages of Galaxy S5 Marshmallow

Unfortunately, we have this small list of disadvantages:


The design is quite serious, since they do not offer a visual change as shocking as expected. The devices will still look almost the same as in the Android version Lollipop.


The Marshmallow OS will be exclusive for high-end devices. Although it will also be available for those who are incorporated into the market.

RAM consumption

Empowering the operating system for next-generation devices will leave many users with some disagreement to this operating system, as some phones that are supported for the update will fall a little short to use multitasking.

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