Galaxy Z Flip does not have DeX support, but this can …

by Kelvin

that Galaxy Z Flip seems to be the last Samsung smartphone that doesn't have DeX support, at least judged by the photos it just shared @Kuma_Sleepy not Twitter. That said, it shows the search results, or their shortcomings, in this case “DeX” on Z Flip located in South Korea. As such, it confirms that this feature does not exist on the device.

Galaxy Z Flip does not have DeX support, but this can change!

South Korea was one of the first markets to receive Galaxy Z Flip and sold out in less than 8 hours. In this case, one of the first to buy this device discovered that DeX was not on the Flip Z, but this could be a temporary setback.


that Galaxy Fold The original also didn't have DeX support at launch, but Samsung added this feature later through a firmware update. So that Galaxy Z Flip could qualify for DeX later, or at least that's what we expect from a smartphone that costs 1,400 euros.

However, as stated on the Sammobile website, there is no guarantee that this team will accept DeX. This function is also not present in Galaxy S10 Lite. This is despite the fact that it is available on the Internet. Galaxy A90 5G, and both models have a Snapdragon 855 chipset. Galaxy The Z Flip integrates a Snapdragon 855+ processor, so technically, all of this smartphones they must be able to support the attractive features of this Samsung.

Galaxy    Z Flip does not have DeX support, but this can change! one

Currently, no one imagines how Samsung chooses what smartphones who should or should not accept DeX at launch. So it is difficult to predict whether Flip will arrive or not.

Honestly, I even realized that DeX is not on this team. This is not a smartphone that can make a device work. However, if you have the ability, it's not a bad idea to include it. The more functions it has, the more users you will get.

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