Game Launcher update Added new compatibility with Discord and UI

by Kelvin

Updates (September 3, 2019): It seems that Game Launcher with new Discord and UI support is now available for Note 10 users, as confirmed by Samsung support here. This could mean that Today's update,, providing support for more Samsung Galaxy the deviceincluded Galaxy S10 Plus, where we receive updates and now has new support for UI and Discord.

Samsung is rolling out a new update for its Game Launcher app, which updates the software to and adds support for Discord. But the main updates are not limited to that because it also completely changes the application's user interface, which is now even more fun. It should lift the spirit that Discord support has been eagerly awaiting, and while today is our big day for other reasons (hint: Android 10 release), we'll gladly accept it.


For him get the latest Game Launcher updatesrun Galaxy Save the application on your Samsung Galaxy device then Touchez the 3points menu in the upper right corner, then Touchez My Page. Now Touchez Update, and here you should have the Game Launcher app for updates.

Another method is to open the Game Launcher app itself (make sure you have activated it) and see if you get a notification to update the app there. So we get it Galaxy S10 Plus. Touch the notification if you see it, because it will take you directly to the Game Launcher list in Galaxy The store, from where you only need to press the update button.

→ Download Game Launcher APK

Game Launcher update Added new compatibility with Discord and UI 2

Once updated, open the Game Launcher app. You will see the Discord icon in the upper right corner, to the left of the Speaker icon. Touch it and continue to link your Dispute account to your Samsung account. You need to install the Discord app, but just follow the instructions and it will be fine.

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