Game: Wireless Pad 4S Controller for PlayStation 4 Review: Don't Waste Your Money


I've reviewed several premium controllers in the past few months, like the Razer Raiju Ultimate and SCUF Vantage, and I've even reviewed budget options that are perfect for kids, so I like to think that I have a closed base when it comes to what to do. searched in the controller. When I first saw Game: Pad 4S, I was skeptical due to the grip angle and what I felt was a strange design, but decided to wait until I tried it out before fully rating it. As it turned out, my initial skepticism was justified.

Do not buy this controller.


The good

  • Cheap
  • Various colors to choose

The bad

  • Angular grip
  • Plastic feels chintzy
  • Doesn't offer anything DualShock does
  • Home button light is strangely bright

Game: Pad 4S What I like

Not much I can say about Game: Pad. This is a functional controller and is inexpensive compared to most other controllers. That's the minimum number you can ask for, and that's about the bar. This is also wireless, which is a bonus. Previous game: The Pad model only uses cables, so this is at least one step in the right direction.

Game: Pad 4S What I do not like

I can appreciate the companies that make devices to fill gaps in the market or fix problems found in the original hardware, but I don't know who Game: Pad 4S is for. It doesn't offer anything that DualShock 4 does normal.Even if you're just trying to change the form factor for people who aren't interested in DualShock, it fails. Gameplay: The Pad 4S feels worse holding it due to the odder design decision to do a front grip.

Although a lower price might be a selling point at first, it's actually not as much as you can get from DualShock 4 regular Dualshock 4 on a regular basis $ 30 to $ 50 discount on Amazon It depends on the color you get. We recommend extra money to take DualShock than Game: Pad 4S, which has a worse design and doesn't even have a light bar.

Speaking of light, the start button glows blindingly when held at right angles (wrong?). I am someone who always handles my controller when I play. I can't let him shut up, and because of this, I have a quick look in my eyes that occasionally interferes.

These are mostly shallow and there is nothing that can be done, but the face buttons also have the shape that is crafted on them. Instead of the triangle symbol, the button literally says "Triangle". This is weird.And there's nothing special about button responses, push comments, or ingredients.

Should you buy a game: Pad 4S? No

This is a good controller if you are looking for something cheap that can be used by little siblings or children so you don't worry, they are breaking DualShock 4. But that's probably the best I can say. There is no other reason to get this other than DualShock 4 unless you can't get rid of an additional $ 10 or more.

2 of the 5

This is something that will only end up collecting dust in one of my drawers. I really appreciate companies that think outside the box and try to offer alternatives to premium accessories. Game: Pad 4S is not a good alternative, not even necessary.

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