Games to play this Christmas 2014 on iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin
Games to play this Christmas 2014 on iPhone and iPad 1

If you like Christmas, then don't miss these games for iPhone and iPad

Christmas is near and developers are aware of it, for this reason many of them have updated their best games and applications so we can have fun this Christmas with our iPhone and iPad. Then we leave you with a selection of best games for updated iOS devices to have fun this Christmas.

Games to play this Christmas 2014 on iPhone and iPad 2

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift for iPhone and iPad It combines amazing physics, levels with demonic tricks and a bright and colorful visual appearance that has a festive winter appearance.


Swipe to cut the ropes and give Om Nom goodies to eat. Do not forget to collect stars while playing!


Get to the famous game GRU. MY FAVORITE VILLANO: Minion Rush for iOS devices the new area called BASIC BASE which is full of snow, speed and science. You will have to face new levels with unique obstacles, in addition to discovering the SUPERSECRETA zone: the interior of the Arctic base.

In this version you can join a very special Christmas mission in which you will have to help Dr. Nefario and recover the decorations and gifts lost by the Arctic base. Unlock the snowboard minigame by completing the Christmas mission and enjoy the offers and promotions you will find for Christmas, in addition to getting rewards login.

Crazy Taxi City Rush

The game Crazy Taxi City Rush is also updated for Christmas and you can play festive events to win prizes, among which have been included an exclusive racing car, enjoy how the snow falls in Bay City, in addition, you can drive like Santa Claus or his elf helper. You can also receive a gift for playing Christmas Day and New Year's Day, use the keys to the mysterious trunk to get what is inside before.

In this new version you can complete your goals to earn extra money, diamonds and more customers, the goals help new players and are a challenge for the most experienced and much more

The Sims FreePlay

Sim City overflows with Christmas spirit when Santa flies with his sleigh at Christmas parties. Hang up mistletoe, put up the Christmas tree and decorate your home to reunite your Sims family. You will be conquered by Christmas joy with daily gifts full of Christmas decorative elements to give joy to your home. You can also get on Santa's sleigh and live an unforgettable adventure in the mission «The great Christmas setback«.

You can also enjoy many other features.

Sonic Jump Fever

The incredible Sonic Jump Fever for iPhone and iPad It is also updated for Christmas and you can enjoy an event for a limited time. Silver the Hedgehog joins this crazy adventure, ready to use his telekinesis ability in December. Play with him immediately and earn enough gifts in FEVER mode to unlock it forever.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Zombie, it's cold outside. It's already Feastivus! Since December 19, unpack 18 days of frozen Piñata Fiesta events. There are more parties than gales. This update includes:

  • The sticky Lanzasavia special edition plant.
  • Hielaguisantes collectible winter hats.
  • Snowball fights: double snowballs when you win an enhancer.
  • The ugliest jerseys of the season.
  • Special prizes for Mr. Piñata's festivities.

Clumsy ninja

Clumsy Ninja for iOS device wishes Happy Holidays to all users and has prepared a free gift for everyone, the new Winter Night Market. Here you will find new winter training objects and an unprecedented environment, get ready for all the fun.

The Simpsons: Springfield

Santa Claus is in trouble and the holidays are in danger. Save this time of year in Springfield with the latest update of The Simpsons for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gather gifts and overcome elven challenges to discover the true meaning of parties: prizes. Enjoy new characters, buildings, decorations and more in this festive update.

Of course, in the App Store you can find many more games to have fun this Christmas 2o14 with your iPhone and iPad. You who recommend us.

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