Gang uses DJI Inspire drone for prison deliveries

by Kelvin
Quadrilha usa drone da linha Inspire da DJI para entregas em presídios

The drone DJI Inspire 1with your 360 ° rotating gimbal and a 4k camera, was developed for hard-to-reach footage and mappings. Now they have discovered a new feature a bit unusual for the machine: traffic in goods.

The police operation "Icarus Flight" arrested, on Wednesday (8), 21 people accused of forming a gang that used drones for deliveries in prisons from the state of Sao Paulo. In addition to the arrests, the operation fulfilled 13 search and seizure mandates inside and outside the prisons; the detainees, many faction leadersreceived letters, drugs and cell phones in the courtyards of the prisons. THE "Icarus Flight" was organized by the Civil Police from São Paulo and moved 154 agents and 51 vehicles.


According to the Civil police, the detainees directed their accomplices who stayed in open places during "sunbathing" hours. Then drones, like Inspire, delivered objects to prisoners. Since Inspire's noise is not the most discreet in the world, many were shot down before delivery was complete. Each successful service earned about 40 thousand reais to the gang, which circulated the profit among the bank accounts of its members. The young drones manipulated by the crime were seized and are valued at up to R $ 16 thousand.

Civil police said each drone could carry up to one kilogram of goods. The biggest drone we can identify in the released photos is Inspire; with standard motor DJI 510H, the appliance can lift with agility – up until 1380 grams. Below you can check out a video with weightlifting tests. So a "big" drone is more than capable of carrying cell phones and drugs.

The Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) He said the suspects used geolocation applications to get aerial views of the prison units. These types of applications, such as Waze and even Uber, show your current location, and work directly with your smartphone's GPS. In case of drones, the DJI app used to control the machines Informs in real time the location of the device and transmits the "view" of the camera from the drone to the mobile phone.

According to the investigation, there will be a representation in court to be issued a court order to blur safety areas in these tools. In the case of applications like Waze and Google Maps, This can happen; but in a program like DJI, which receives images directly from a camera that is physically in the desired location, this is already more complicated. Unfortunately, the investigation did not say which application was used.

Via: Metro Newspaper Source: Estadão

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