GBWhatsApp, a mod that allows you to hide your last connection and more, now with …

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GBWhatsApp, a mod that allows you to hide your last connection and more, now with ... 1

WhatsApp is one of the leading platforms in its field; We use it every day and we know it by heart. But for some people it is not enough and they prefer to do more than is possible with the application itself, so there are alternatives to download GBWhatsApp (also known as GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB), "mod" that has dozens of new features.

Of course, this is an application outside WhatsApp and because it is not official, its users have problems using it. Nevertheless, in the latest version an anti-prohibition method has been developed therefore, companies cannot suspend their accounts with GBWhatsApp.

What is the difference between GBWhatsApp and standard WhatsApp?

Especially, this gives you access to the benefits you always want to use, but WhatsApp does not abandon you. Among the most prominent are:

  • Hide "online": Other users will never see if you open the app or not.
  • Hide blue check: Your contacts won't see if you've read the message, but you know it.
  • Hide "Write": When you activate this option, other people will not see when you write, you will see it.
  • Hide "Audio recording": Similarly, they won't see when you record but you do another one.
  • Expand maximum file sizes: You can send documents up to 50 MB.
  • Photos and videos without compression: Send photos and videos in original quality (up to 50 MB), skip WhatsApp compression.
  • Send multiple contacts: You can share multiple contacts at the same time in chat.
  • Personalization: It is possible to download themes, change fonts, add shortcuts …
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Remember that one of the WhatsApp usage clauses determines that the use of a modified application that uses its messaging service is not allowed, which leads to the possibility of detecting the suspension of the account using a similar alternative.

However, in the 7 GB WhatsApp version it seems that the detection of this company has been overcome, thus avoiding account bans. Be careful, we have warned you that we do not lay hands on anyone. Use this application at your own risk, we are not responsible.

If you want to download GBWhatsApp, remember this …

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To install GBWhatsApp, you must Download your .APK file Because this is an unofficial alternative, it is not found on Google Play.

You can Download GB WhatsApp APK In the following link:

GBWhatsApp V.7 (29.5 MB)

Before installing GB WhatsApp, tY if you value your conversation, we suggest you do it backup copy from them in your standard WhatsApp (WhatsApp> Settings> Chat> Backup). When you install WhatsApp GB You can restore the backup with your chat.

On the other hand, when you install it on your smartphone, you may be asked to enable the option «The origin is unknown.«. Necessary to install applications outside of Google Play. If your mobile phone does not currently offer you access to this feature, you can find it in Settings> Security of your cell phone.

Update: GBWhatsApp is closed

للاسف تم ايقاف تطوير برنامج GBWhatsApp لاني تلقيت رسالة اخيرة من شركة الواتساب ، اعتذر منكم جميعا كات

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* GBWhatsApp closes *

We regret to announce that we have completely stopped development of GBWhatsApp.

That is the right time with all of you.

– Omar 'أتنفس هواك' (@atnfas_hoak) 1 August 2019

As the developer of GBWhatsApp announced in the previous tweet, sand stopped app development. The application may still work, but will not receive support from your computer.

This could mean that if WhatsApp in the future successfully circumvents the GBWhatsApp anti-ban system, users will face decisions that the company deems appropriate.

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