Gears 5 is not part of a new trilogy, but a saga according to Rod Fergusson

by Kelvin
Gears 5 is not part of a new trilogy, but a saga according to Rod Fergusson

Gears 5 officially arrives to us today. Those who have purchased their standard version or are subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass mondo and lirondo will be able to put themselves at the controls of Kait and his friends today. This is the second game of The Coalition if we do not count the remake, and tacitly we have all assumed that it is a new trilogy as were the games of Cliff Bleszinski. However, this may not be Rod Fergusson's plan and his own.

According to the CEO of The Coalition, and director of Gears 5, the study does not consider Gears of War, renamed Gears, as a new trilogy, but simply as a saga, not closing three deliveries for each story arc. This means that the current plot does not have to close in the next game, but could be extended by two, three or more titles. This was explained by Fergusson in an interview with Venture Beat.


Gears 5 is the second installment of a saga

For Rod Fergusson we are not facing The Empire Strikes Back from Gears of War, nor is this game the core of the story of Kait Diaz, which would be resolved in the next game. Kait's family plot may be solved in the next game, but only as a side story, or it could be extended for more chapters. In The Coalition they consider that Not locking up in a trilogy is the best thing for the plot.

We are trying to get out of this trilogy mentality. The word we use is «saga». We do not want people to think that this is the knot of a story (…) We like to have a new group of young characters. With Marcus and the Delta squad the world changed around them, but they didn't change much. Now we have JD in this game, and we can see how his experiences have changed him.

We don't know about you, but with how pleased we are with the Gears 5 campaign your next installment may not arrive soon enough. The future will tell us if new plots open and new characters appear, for now we have Gears for a while.

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