Get Dragonite Pokémon GO special move

by Kelvin

Get Dragonite Pokémon GO special move 3

Get special Dragonite Pokémon GO movement. This is quite simple. To get the special move РDraco Meteor Рplayers only need to evolve a Dragonona to Dragonite during the Community Day event. Fortunately, there are many ways in which players can prepare to do this.

Get Dragonite Pokémon GO special move

Players who have a shortage of Dragonite candies can start stocking up on Pinap Berries, which give double candies in the catch. During the event there should be tons of Dragonites around, so players should use Pinaps for those catches as much as possible.


For further preparation, players can also do as many Battle Battles as possible to start storing Rare Candy, which can be used for evolution or Power Ups for any Pokémon.

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