Get to work: Huawei MatePad Pro

by Kelvin
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Android tablets are mostly cheaper options for media consumption, and very rarely do they get a real high-end whiteboard. Samsung has a cornered market with Galaxy Tab S6, but now Huawei has a new rival with MatePad Pro, and the boy is not strange.

Let's get the elephant out of the room right away: the look of the MatePad Pro, especially from the press image, like the iPad Pro. From the rounded corners on the screen, to the way the M Pencil is magnetically connected to the top and the folio style of the 'Smart' keyboard. Things feel a little bit more unique when you actually hold and use a tablet, but the overall appearance is strange.


I really hope this tablet doesn't get forgotten because of that similarity, as this is one of the most comprehensive Android whiteboards I've used for years. It contains true high-end components, 5G support and has a beautiful display – it looks pretty good.

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Huawei MatePad Pro – Design and display

When you have MatePad Pro in your hand, it doesn't appear to be a high-end AppleTablet. This is more square thanks to the 16:10 aspect and slightly smaller, with more rounded corners and less rough straight lines.

The frame is made of magnesium alloy and you can get a vegan leather version in many bright colors. Huawei has also completely hidden the 5G antenna line on the back to keep the design clean.

Get to work: Huawei MatePad Pro 1

The M pencil, sold separately, sticks to the top via magnets and charges when placed there; again this is a little bit more contoured than Apple A pencil feels good to hold and hold, and is very sensitive when scribbling or taking notes.

Huawei says that the Pencil will have 10 minutes of use when charging 30 seconds and the cost of one more hour will make it last 10 hours. Obviously, all of these ideas have been released from the iPad Pro and they work very well, giving you a place to store your stylus and make sure it's always charged.

Get to work: Huawei MatePad Pro 2

Covering 90% of the front is a bright, colorful, and sharp 1060-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD screen. Interestingly, Huawei has decided to add a hole camera here, a step I think is completely weird on a tablet like this. I understand you want the highest screen-to-body ratio possible, but it doesn't make any sense when there are still bezels and it messes up the beautiful screen.

Huawei MatePad Pro – Specifications and Software

Inside MatePad Pro you will find the Kirin 990 chipset in 4G or 5G flavors. This is Huawei's newest chipset and is very capable of handling anything it can do. You also get a nice quad speaker system that Harman Kardon has tuned along with some graphene cooling technology to keep the tablet from getting hot.

Like all new Huawei products, MatePad Pro runs an open source version of Android (AOSP) without the services necessary to run Google Play. Instead, you need to get apps from other sources, like AmazonApp Store or Huawei Application Gallery. This is likely to be a problem for most until Huawei has a truly viable alternative and feels even more of a problem on a tablet that is so powerful that it has so much potential.

I want this to have a full-featured app, like iPad, for editing photos and videos. I want a good drawing app to take advantage of the stylus and I want a graphics intensive game that handles hardware. Without all that, it feels like overkill.

Get to work: Huawei MatePad Pro 3

Huawei has changed the EMUI software to use a larger screen, with better multitasking, and certain compatible applications can use the Application Multiplier feature to take over more screens. This is a good trick that makes it easy for developers to turn mobile apps into tablet apps and can help you avoid one of the biggest problems on Android tablets.

Like its flagship cell phone, MatePad Pro can be wirelessly charged at 27w and can even act as a 7.5w wireless charger for other Qi-capable devices. You can, for example, load FreeBuds 3 You are behind MatePad Pro.

Get to work: Huawei MatePad Pro 4

Initial decision

MatePad Pro has a lot to like, from its sleek (if unimaginative) design to very powerful hardware and well-designed plug-ins. The problem comes with apps that can take advantage of all this, and while it can be a big problem with normal Android tablets, it's even more of a problem without access to the Play Store.

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