Gigabyte solve 11 world record with AMD EPYC 7742 CPU

by Kelvin

Gigabyte has announced that it has broken 11 world record thanks to the arrival of the AMD EPYC 'ROME' processor, although specifically the notes were made with the company's first-class processor, AMD EPYC 7742 with 64 cores and 128 processing threads under the Zen2 micro architecture for the 7nm manufacturing process. All these notes are corrupted using your motherboard Gigabyte R282-Z90 with multiple plugs and Gigabyte R272-Z30 from a plug

7 of this world record was broken in the SPEC CPU 2017 benchmark, and 4 the rest is in the SPECjbb2015 benchmark.


"SPEC CPU 2017 is a set of benchmarks that measure intensive computing applications, with two main subcategories: the SPECrate and SPECspeed benchmarks. The SPECrate benchmark is a performance measure and is ideal for measuring multiple intensive computing applications threads, such as high performance computing workloads (HPC) Speed ​​benchmarks are a measure of speed and are ideal for measuring intensive single-threaded computing applications such as high frequency commerce (HFT) and other loads of the financial industry.

SPECjbb 2015 is a Java Business Benchmark used to evaluate the performance of servers running business Java applications. This is based on companies with IT infrastructure that handle a combination of point of sale requests, online shopping, and data mining operations. This is relevant to all audiences interested in the performance of Java servers, including JVM providers, hardware developers, Java application developers, researchers, and members of the academic community. "

Gigabyte R282-Z90 motherboard with two sockets and two AMD EPYC ROMA CPUs

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