Last week we saw an avalanche of new mobile devices aimed at those who want to have the latest technology in the palm of the hand. But there are also mobile phones focused on users that prioritize functionality, such as Gigaset GL390.

It is a mobile device that combines a series of functions that will facilitate the elderly communicate with your family members or ask for help in emergency situations. Let's review its main features.


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Comfortable and with great autonomy

It is a small mobile, easy to take and take anywhere. It has a 2.2 color screen, large buttons to make calls simple and fast or write messages and a series of options designed for users over 60 years. And of course, it offers camera, FM radio, alarm, flashlight and other basic options.

There are several aspects of this proposal on mobile for older people. On the one hand, the user will not have any complications at the time of charging the device, since he only has to put it on the charging station. And it is not an action that you will need to perform frequently because it promises great autonomy, for example, you can have up to 9 hours in conversation mode.

SOS button

Living an emergency situation is not easy for anyone, and Gigaset has taken this point into account when implementing a simple dynamic for older users to quickly communicate with trusted people.

They will not have to search contacts, since emergency numbers will be set on all three buttons A, B and C, which we see below the screen. The user or a family member can previously configure numbers of friends, family or emergency services using this dynamic.

And an extra that adds this device, is that in the back an SOS button is added, that just pressing it will automatically dial all the contacts configured until someone responds to the emergency.

Gigaset GL390, mobile for adults with camera and alarm button 2

It also allows you to set an alarm to alert the environment when the SOS button is pressed. It is an excellent dynamic that can save lives allowing to receive help in the shortest possible time.

This mobile device from Gigaset is available at a price of 49.99 euros in physical stores and online.