Giotech TX50 Gaming headphones review

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Giotech TX50 Gaming headphones review 1

The internet is full of gaming headsets, and it's not hard to think that more expensive means better. Overall, yes, that could mean that, but in some cases, like the Giotech TX50 gaming headset, you can get a decent audio experience at an affordable price. [/ embed]

The Giotech TX50 gaming headset is very well built. Flexible enough not to put too much pressure on your ears. It is covered in material almost like soft rubber, and it is also very light. The cushion itself is very soft, both on the ear cushions and on the headband, making the TX50 headphones suitable for long gaming sessions.

The box advertising these headphones uses a 50mm high-impact driver, which, to be honest, is a bit like a talking ad and doesn't mention anything about the audio quality itself. The good news is that the sound is pretty good for a headphone that costs less than £ 30.

For gaming, the Giotech TX50 gaming headphones are very powerful. Playing various Modern Warfare Call of Duty games impressed me. The sound stage was not the best, but what impressed me was the power of the grenade blast, mixed with bullet shots from the middle and even some sharp shrapnel sounds.

Giotech TX50 Gaming 2 headphones review

As expected, this is the first set of games. Listening to music or even watching a movie will make the bass and treble a little less. Don't get me wrong, the sound is very full, and yes if you watch action movies the shot is pretty well connected. But the higher details are almost non-existent, and if the headphones need more types of bass, especially in music, the Giotech TX50 falls.

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It is also a shame that Giotech TX50 does not appear in the vocal audio department. The microphone produces very loud sounds. Maybe it's because I use a decent audio interface and a condenser microphone, but it's hard to avoid. Not bad, but lacks clarity.

Giotech TX50 Gaming 3 headphones review

In the middle of the cable you can find an online remote that has a small volume wheel and mute switches that are easy to find during intense game moments. The volume wheel although small. But you certainly don't have to change that while you're in the game. Because it uses a single audio jack cable, you can use it with PS4 and Xbox One. I didn't test it on a PC because I have a separate sound jack and microphone, but the box says it works on a PC, too.

Giotech TX50 Gaming 4 headphones review

But, I can give you permission for the issues I ran into, just because the price is reasonable and the game audio is very full and offers good immersion. I found them online while writing this review for around £ 24.99, but that may be due to Christmas sales. For more information, you can visit the Giotech website.



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