Give a new look to your Android: Change the Launcher you use

by Kelvin
Launcher en teléfono con Android

One of the best options to change the look offered by the operating system Android on phones and tablets is to use a launcher different from the default included in the terminal in question. We show how to do this simply and without danger.

The first thing to know is exactly what a launcher is. This development is responsible for launching developments in Android terminals and also has control of the cash drawer. Applications and some startup options, such as the appearance which has much of the corners of the Google operating system. Therefore, modifying it means giving a new air to Android and, also, it is possible to add additional functionalities to the terminal in question.


How to install applications on SD with Android

Some companies include by default a different launcher from Android, which gives them a different and unique look. By the way it is possible to modify the one used in a simple way to personalize in the best possible way a phone or tablets (and, this does not entail any danger and, in addition, restoring the original configuration is completely possible).

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It is important to know that some applications in the store Play store, such as Nova Launcher, it is installed and offers everything you need to change and customize a terminal (even with additional icon packs). Therefore, it is not surprising that San many users who use it – other developers such as Microsoft have their own work for Android.

Change the launcher on an Android terminal

Obviously the first thing to do is to have installed in terminal one additional to the one included by default, since otherwise the desired objective cannot be achieved. Once you have this, you have to take a few simple steps between Settings of the operating system of the Mountain View company, which demonstrates by including this functionality that possibilities that Android offers are really wide and exceed – by far – those that iOS currently has Apple.

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Once they are in the configuration options, you must choose the section called Applications and, among all the possibilities that exist here, what is called must be used Default applications (which is where the ones that are used in a smartphone are set by default and that go from the browser that is open when accessing a web page to the development that is used to read text messages).

Now you have to select an option called Home Page Application (or similar, it depends on the terminal you have). A new screen opens in which you see all the launchers that are installed on the device and simply have to choose the one you want to use. When doing this, the configuration is varied and, for example, the desktop icons and folders are reset by default in the case of being the first time this work is used – the configuration used is subsequently remembered.

When you exit the System Settings, you can enjoy the new look, and additional functionalities, which are included in the new launcher that has been established as predetermined on the phone or tablet with Android. If you want to modify what is established, you must take the steps and modify the chosen development … it's that simple is everything.

Android firewall settings

Some free launcher on the Play Store that is worth trying

Next, we leave the links in the Google store of developments that have no cost and that due to their quality and quantity of options They are the ones that should always be tested when changing the launcher that is included by default on a device with Android operating system (there is more in Play Store, obviously):