Globalfoundries vs TSMC: 16 patents at stake

by Kelvin
Globalfoundries vs TSMC: 16 patents at stake

Globalfoundries vs TSMC: 16 patents at stake 2

Patents return to generate dangerous fibrillation in the world of technology: the complaint that threatens to block important market flows is that signed by the lawyers Globalfoundries against Taiwanese TSMC and relating to the hypothetical violation of 16 patents. The complaint was filed in three versions: at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), at the U.S. Federal District Courts in the District of Delaware and the Western District of Texas, and in the Regional Courts of Dusseldorf and Mannheim in Germany.

Globalfoundries, a company born from the detachment of a branch of the AMD company, is today among the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world with production located between Germany and Singapore.


Globalfoundries vs TSMC: 16 patents at stake

In its official communication, the company explicitly pointed out that the objective of the legal initiative is the blocking of imports into the US and Germany of any product that makes improper use of Globalfoundries intellectual property. Therefore, not only the partnerships signed by the company are at risk Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd, but also hundreds of products from companies such as Apple, Google and AMD: the greater the relative impact of the initiative, moreover, and the greater the effect that the company can have in this trial phase.

Globalfoundries clearly explained how over the years it has invested tens of billions of dollars in research and development and therefore now intends to protect registered intellectual property. Not a few analysts see this presentation as a political cut: in the midst of Trump's offensive against the East, centered precisely on the theft of intellectual property against US companies, this new initiative seems to caress the White House's theorems looking for allies in the battle against the TSMC. At the same time this is not the first legal battle initiated by Globalfoundries with the same approach and the shoulders of the TSMC regarding patents seem to be sufficiently wide.

A case destined to raise a big fuss, in short, but not necessarily able to determine serious market repercussions in terms of ban. However, the word goes to the Courts involved, which will now have to quickly determine the seriousness of the charges and the possible need for urgent action in the event of serious violations actually recognized.