Gmail activates dark mode for everyone

by Kelvin

Gmail, the popular email application, has begun to enable the dark mode for all users, after a few days of tests during which only some received this theme especially suitable for the night.

Unfortunately, Gmail dark mode will only be compatible with mobile devices that use Android 10 and iOS 11/12/13, at least in this first phase. It is a bit surprising that the previous versions of the operating system of Google itself are left aside, and hopefully this will change in the future.


When we present all the details of Android 10 we already highlight its dark mode, which now reaches the entire system, although individual applications have always been able to use it on their own.

Gmail's dark mode less tired eyesight in low-light environments (for example, checking emails before going to sleep), and OLED displays will save battery. These screens, increasingly common in mobile phones, can turn off pixels individually, so those in black will not waste energy.

Image - Gmail activates dark mode for everyone

In both Android 10 and iOS 13 we will see that Gmail adapts to the default system mode (either dark or light), although it will also be possible to adjust it manually from the app. The Google Pixel will be able to activate the dark mode with the battery saving system, something that would be desirable for other manufacturers to also incorporate.

The dark mode has already started to activate, but Google indicates that it could take up to 15 days to reach worldwide. While it is convenient to update the Gmail application, it also does not guarantee that it will arrive instantly, as these updates are usually enabled remotely little by little.

He new dark Gmail mode It will also reach many other apps, as it has become fashionable in recent months. Even WhatsApp prepares its dark mode, which will help us to talk more comfortably when the light is scarce.

What do you think of the popularization of the dark mode in the applications? Will it be useful in Gmail, considering that millions of people should use it for hours a day?

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