Gmail already has dark mode

by Kelvin

The dark mode It has become fashionable and now Gmail already has him Since since the official appearance of Android 10, this mode has been gradually implemented in the main mobile applications.

The Google email application has taken a little longer to implement this dark mode, but in the end it has had to come since several of its competitors have already adopted it.


To enjoy this new dark mode we won't have to do anything special nor bizarre as Google is implementing it via updates from its servers, but is doing it gradually, which means that it will reach everyone little by little.

It could be the case that someone nearby has it, but it has not yet reached us, but peace of mind because it will all come to us.

Is new update not only affects the hue from the bottom, but it also changes the opening screen in addition to the widget that we can place on the desktop of our Android devices.

How to activate Dark Mode if you don't want to wait

To activate now, without waiting, the dark mode you must download the version of Gmail 2019.08.18.267 or if there was a later one.

  1. Download Gmail for Android


Once you have downloaded the APK file:

  1. You have to run it.
  2. Accept the permissions requested by the application.
  3. Once the app is installed run gmail and see that in the configuration there is a dark mode.

Image - Gmail already has dark mode

You should now enjoy the dark mode of Gmail, but if not, something that can happen since this method does not work for everyone, you can force it manually but always being root and considering that we must be extremely careful because internal parameters of the app are going to be modified.

Anyway, if something goes wrong, you can always reinstall the app thanks to the APK we downloaded before.

  1. You must access the folders ata data shared_prefs and open the file FlagPrefs.xml.
  2. Now you must look for the DarkThemeSupport option and put your value in True.
  3. Now close it all Gmail included (without leaving it in the background either).
  4. Now when you open Gmail again you will see setting an option to set the dark mode.

Image - Gmail already has dark mode

As you can see, we have little by little the dark mode in the main apps that we use every day such as Gmail, although we are still missing others also widely used by millions of people, such as Google Maps or others that are not of the Google giant, although we do not doubt that it is something that will reach all the apps sooner rather than later.