Gmail dark mode now available to some users

by Kelvin
Gmail dark mode now available to some users

Interface changes in the Google applications They are constant, we all know that we use these apps. Elements that vary their position, themes that adapt Material Design… And, of course, it has also been imposing the dark mode. Of course, the most important Android applications still resist.

The Google Play Store or Gmail They are two of the most used apps that do not yet have dark mode. From the second we saw a small sample on the renewed Android 10 website, so we knew it was a matter of time before Google decided to expand the darkened interface. And that moment has come: let's welcome the dark gmail mode.


Gmail activates the dark mode in its latest version and from the server side

Dark mode and its selector from the settings. Android Police images

You know how they tend to be changes in Google Apps: In addition to progressive, they tend to be done from the server side. This implies that, as users, we can do nothing but wait. Although there is one thing that can be done: we have to update the application, in this case Gmail.

As They warned on Reddit, some users of the Google star mail client saw how their interface received the long-awaited dark mode. Change does not imply any evolution at the level of functions, its aesthetic evolves; with the added advantage of a lower consumption and that is also more pleasant to look at, especially at night.

For activate the dark mode of Gmail On Android you must do the following:

  • Install the latest version of Gmail from Apk Mirror.
  • Go to general Gmail settings.
  • Look for the option of «Theme»And activate the dark mode.

In the event that this option does not appear you can only wait: Google has not yet activated the interface change. Of course, if you have rooted your Android, you can make this modification that discovered on Reddit. Do it at your own risk.

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