Gmail is about to receive an even better broker

by Kelvin

Gmail is about to receive an even better broker 2

Gmail is a very curious "Google" product, since, unlike many other products, it is still a super light and fast tool, even with all the updates it has received over the years.

After all, very recently, Gmail also received a function that points to the phrases of the end user. But the improvements won't stop here … Since the automatic proofreader will also receive an injection of novelties and efficiency. Now read:

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β€œWe are introducing new capabilities in the grammar and text corrector of Gmail. To help you write emails faster with high levels of trust. To achieve this, Gmail will use Artificial Intelligence to make even smarter suggestions, while becoming even more efficient in detecting grammatical failures. "

Then Gmail will now automatically solve the most common user errors thanks to machine learning done through AI

Without a doubt, this will be a blessing for anyone who is forced to see "additional Google" services. Or that simply no broker uses.

  • Gmail brings great news highly anticipated by users

Interestingly, if you make a grammatical mistake that can "destroy" the context of a given sentence … A blue line will appear to warn you that something may be misspelled, or at least it is not clear. In addition, there will also be a suggestion that you can follow or just ignore.

Unfortunately, the function only works completely in English. But support for several other languages ​​is on its way. Meanwhile, the new features are expected to arrive at G-Suite in early September. (Therefore, it should reach all users before the end of the year).

Also, how about all this? Share your opinion in the comments below.


The news that Gmail is about to receive an even better car racer first appeared on Leak.

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