Gmail is updated with a new gesture and the beginnings of the dark mode

by Kelvin
Gmail se actualiza con un nuevo gesto y los inicios del modo oscuro

Gmail continues to advance on its path to renewal thanks to a Google that is investing much of its time in Improve your email app. This tool has become one of the daily tasks of a large number of users who check their email daily and want to have the latest news. Well, Gmail has just been updated with features that were already expected long ago: the gesture to change accounts and the beginnings of the dark mode.

Dynamic emails, confidential mode, Google tasks, email scheduling … Many news have come to Gmail over the past few months to end up forming one of the most complete apps in the Google conglomerate. Now, the big G company has re-launched a new update in which it is definitively integrated the gesture to change account and the widget in dark mode. We tell you all the details.


Gmail is committed to simplicity and the color black

The Google mail application is shown to the world as one of the most popular today. Gmail has been chosen by millions of users around the world as the most prominent app for using mail. A success in which the constants have much to do updates and news that include from the company of the great G in an increasingly utilitarian tool. On this occasion, Google has decided to integrate the new gesture to change accounts that we had already seen in Google Maps in previous articles.

Many users have several profiles in their Gmail app. Normally one email is usually used for work and another for personal life, what happens is that the change between one and the other is tedious in some occasions. From now on, you just have to do a Small gesture to check the activity of any of your accounts.

Gmail is updated with a new gesture and the beginnings of the dark mode 1

But this has not been the only change that they have included since Google in their mail application, Gmail had been flirting with a dark mode for some time that has not just officially arrived but we have already spoken to you several times. Well, the company of the great G has decided to introduce the official version through a renewed widget that is already shown in dark tones. This aspect makes us think that there is very little to launch the coveted official version. It should be noted that all these changes are already spreading throughout the world with the stable version v2019.08.18, so the most normal thing is that you can dispose of them over the next few hours.

Gmail Gmail

Source | Android Police

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