Gmail makes it easy to switch from one account to another on Android, download the APK

by Kelvin
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Gmail simplifies the transition from one account to another on Android: you just need to swipe to change accounts. This feature that was already available for some time on iOS comes in the 2019.08.18 version of the APK for Android. Here's how to download the update.


Gmail has a new useful feature on Android: it is now possible to swipe from left to right on your profile picture to switch from one mail account to another. What simplify the change of accounts. The feature appears in addition to the old method via the menu that appears when you touch your profile picture. Gmail is not the only Google app to benefit from this new gesture: the company has already added this feature to applications like Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Contacts.

Gmail gets updated: download APK

This simplification of the change of account will probably appeal to many people: it is now common to have to juggle between a personal and professional account for your emails, but also other Google applications – as the various services of the firm s 'impose in business. This is not new for iOS users who have been benefiting since March. In case you're wondering, the fact that Google sometimes launches new features on iOS before benefiting its own ecosystem makes us as perplexed as you.

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This update of Gmail is in any case already available on the Google Play Store (version 2019.08.18). To install it, you only need to update your application via the application store. On some smartphones, or if you prefer to avoid going through the Google Play Store, it is also possible to download the APK of the app via APK Mirror by clicking on the link below:

Gmail 2019.18.18 on APK Mirror

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