Go Live, the trick to make free video calls by Instagram

by Kelvin
Go Live, the trick to make free video calls by Instagram

Go Live, the trick to make free video calls by Instagram 1

Today, getting to the top is the goal of the vast majority of apps that go on the market. And the same goes for social networks. But it is also true that many arrive, reach a piece of the summit and then fall apart. The reason? Arriving is difficult, but even more difficult is staying on top, especially with the fierce competition that exists today. Instagram It is one of those that you can boast of knowing how to stay in your niche market because you are always renewing your services.

The Go Live function

And it is clear that a long time ago Instagram It stopped being an app just to share photos. We can also share Short videos, we can ride a ‘Stories’ that will disappear after 24 hours, buy, book a hotel, rent a Spa, add Augmented Reality filters and even broadcast live for our contacts and followers. And, since the end of 2017, we also have the Go Live function.


When we make a live broadcast, we can not only interact with our contacts, but we can also invite them to join streaming. In this way, if we are watching a game, the new chapter of The Walking Dead or playing a multiplayer on the console, we can activate GO Live, start broadcasting and invite a contact to See how the screen is divided and our follower appears.

Go Live, the trick to make free video calls by Instagram 2

As if it were a video call

Therefore, and if we must talk to someone online and the WhatsApp fails, we can resort to Instagram and Go Live for a video call. Just start a broadcast and invite a friend, whom we want from our IG list. How do you do this? That easy

  1. We open Instagram and we give to upper left corner icon, the camera to access it. We can also slide the screen to the left and the camera interface will appear.
  2. We look at the commands at the bottom and choose ’Live’ or ‘Direct’.
  3. Once the broadcast has started, at the bottom of the screen you will see a new icon in the form of two faces together. Give it, choose one or more contacts and that's it: the screen will be divided to make room for those you have chosen.

At any time you can choose ‘Discard’ and that contact will disappear from Go Live. It is the user who started streaming who has full control of the broadcast – in case something does not go well.

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