Gogeta will have five amazing Supers in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Here is your complete repertoire of movements

by Kelvin
Gogeta will have five amazing Supers in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Here is your complete repertoire of movements

In today's fighting games there are post-launch fighters that are unnecessary. They almost look like filler. Gogeta instead wants to be your new favorite fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ. And his amazing set of movements supports him.

Being born of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta not only does it display overwhelming power, it will have an extra advantage: it can deploy a total of five Super Attacks in front of the two or three that offer the rest of the fighters. The best? All of them are spectacular.


The key is once again in the mode in which Arc System Works has designed its combat style, making it stand out in mobility, range, forcefulness. A very powerful fighter, of course, also imbued in the power of the gods.

And, as you will see, with countless nod to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film.

Starting from the essentials, Gogeta will have access to Kamehameha on land and air and at a Garlick Canyon diagonal air with the press of a button and the address. And that's just the beginning: if you execute the traditional sequence of special movement, three will appear clones with which they will saturate the screen to confuse the rival.

It is worth noting that a good part of its special movements are closed with rebounds against the wall, which opens the door to great extensions of combos and lethal relays.


Closing the special movements, in addition to kick assaults and a frantic anti-air roller, it is worth highlighting a command grab that will cross the opponent at supersonic speed and an aerial downward kick with a very, very interesting angle.

Now, if Gogeta needs a projectile with an extra power, his first Super will leave the rival's health bar shaking: at the cost of an energy load we can launch the Big Bang Kamehameha, being also the clasp of his second autocombo.

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Gogeta's second Super requires more precision, but the damage he is capable of generating is absurd: his God Punisher launches two blunt spheres of energy, retaining its target in the air with an incisive projectile battery.

But the thing does not end there: if we are right, we have enough energy and do not remove the finger from the attack buttons we can execute a super extra: the iconic Starbreaker (Stardust Breaker) as a Finisher. That is, the technique with which Janemba pulverized in the film Fusion will not be relegated to a Dramatic Finisher.

The fourth Super becomes its Meteor Attack and elevates what has been seen so far: in exchange for three energy levels we will execute the Resonant Explosion, beginning with a lightning assault and culminating in an apotheosis cinematic explosion.


But the thing does not end there: by keeping the attack buttons during the execution of the Resonant Explosion We will spend two additional energy levels (five energy levels in total!) in exchange for unleashing the Full-Force Kamehameha, a mammoth energy cannon preceded by an explosive kinematic.


Gogeta It can be purchased separately for 4.99 euros or through the FighterZ Pass 2, which is valued at 24.99 euros and includes the characters of Jiren, Videl, Goku (GT) and Janemba.

And here the thing does not end: although the definitive fusion is postulated as the most broken character of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the last fighter announced within the FighterZ Pass 2 promises to make them pass pockets: nothing less than the canon version of Broly!

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