Good plan: a Samsung Galaxy A10 in free fall on Amazon 🔥

by Kelvin

Since it reopened its French warehouses a few hours ago, Amazon sell off prices on a large number of products. This is the case for example on the excellent Samsung Galaxy A10 which appears in the Top 2 of best sales of telephones on the American merchant site.

If it is also popular, it is because its price is low and because its value for money is very good. With the extra discount this Thursday, you will be delighted. He passes thus 128 € instead of 159 €, i.e. 20% discount. For a mobile device less than 150 € (which is rare), you can not find better.

Galaxy A10, the ideal value for money?

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is firmly positioned in the entry-level segment of smartphones. It’s still a Samsung phone, so you won’t be disappointed with the quality. Certainly it is far from the power of the new Galaxy S20 Ultra (which exceeds 1,500 €…), but that will be enough for basic daily use. Even though it sells like hotcakes, this discount in addition toAmazon should make you succumb.


But beware, Amazon has a limited stock at this price (note also that Samsung sells the Galaxy A10 to 132 € on Amazon, which is also a reduced price), so you have to hurry not to miss this opportunity. But before, here are some details on this phone from the Korean giant released in the year 2019.

At this price, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is really a very good choice. It is equipped with a good quality 6.2 ″ LCD screen – true to the reputation of Korean on the screens. The latter supplied a large part of the manufacturers – including Apple which also has an LCD screen for its iPhone 11 (with better resolution). Then, at the technical level, it comes with an Exynos 7884 processor and 2 GB of RAM which will be enough to run the device.

Admittedly, it won’t be the most responsive if you’re playing a power-hungry mobile game. That said, it’s not what you’re asking at this price. As always, Samsung uses the Android operating system with its own artistic overlay. You therefore have access to all the applications of the Google Play Store, which is another good point for this entry-level smartphone.

Finally, we can also add that it has a photo sensor at the back (13 MP) and at the front, which is quite practical. Again, you shouldn’t expect the best at that price, but this is a basic photo offer. In short, as you can see in this guide on the range Galaxy At Samsung, this is the entry-level manufacturer. Around 100 €, it is a very good product.

We will appreciate the 3400 mAh battery which allows it to last much longer than a day. And at less than 150 €, it’s simply an excellent choice. So it’s no surprise that the 2,700 users who rated the Galaxy A10 on the merchant site Amazon gave him an average rating of 4.5 / 5. It’s great for a phone, and it’s worth highlighting.

Why buy on the site Amazon ?

Obviously, the first argument when comparing offers between merchants is the price. And Amazon is 20% cheaper than all its competitors like Fnac or Darty which offer the Samsung Galaxy A10 at the official rate, i.e. € 159. It is therefore good news if you decide to buy the product on the No. 1 merchant site in France. Be careful however, the product can very quickly arrive out of stock. Please notify us in the comments if the discount has expired.

The second argument in favor ofAmazon is that the customer has a 30 day money back guarantee. During this period, he can ask Amazon to resume Galaxy A10 and get a full refund. The other e-commerce players in France confine themselves to 15 days of non-binding period – which is the legal minimum.

To discover the Galaxy A10 on sale, it’s here:

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