Good VPN plan: 2 months free by subscribing to the CyberGhost offer at € 2.64 / month

by Kelvin
Good VPN plan: 2 months free by subscribing to the CyberGhost offer at € 2.64 / month


It is not because we are gradually coming out of confinement that we should give up enjoying online pleasures. CyberGhost VPN understands this and offers its solution at 2.64 € / month, for a three-year commitment, to which the supplier adds two months for free.

38 months of protection with CyberGhost

With this great plan, you’re going to want to keep staying at home. CyberGhost VPN offers its new customers two additional months of subscription. To obtain this precious gift, there is only one condition: choose the formula including a commitment over three years.


Of course, this duration may seem important, but the company has made other arguments to make you fall in love. Starting with its price: the VPN will only cost you € 95 in total, to be paid from the start. Once the amount is paid, you are therefore protected for three years, which comes to € 2.64 / month, to which are added the two months offered. And taking these into account, the subscription, over 38 months, even costs you € 2.50 / month.

Total freedom on the Internet

At this affordable price, CyberGhost VPN will allow you to benefit from more than 6,200 servers, distributed all over the world. This will allow you to connect to various services, for example streaming, through a remote machine, located in another country. In this way, you will break down the geographical barriers that currently prevent you from accessing certain content (movies, series, games …).

In addition, the tool helps you in choosing the appropriate server, via its easy-to-use interface. And this, regardless of the device on which you use it, since the application exists on all the main OS on the market. Each of your equipment can therefore be protected, thanks to the security solutions used by CyberGhost, and even simultaneously, within the limit of seven terminals.

Committing to three years may seem difficult, but the game is worth the effort, given the reduction offered by CyberGhost VPN. Especially since the offer also includes a 45 day money back guarantee …

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