Good VPN plan: CyberGhost down 80% (60 days free)

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Many internet users wish to browse in a secure and anonymous way. And in 2020, it’s not that simple. It is not enough just to open a private browsing tab, delete cookies or log out of your email account to keep it confidential and protect your data. The only way to do this is to use a VPN on your connected devices.

At the start of the week, we have selected the best offer of the moment. If you’ve never considered using a VPN before, now may be the time with the CyberGhost promotion at € 2.64 per month + 2 months free that are free (until tonight).

CyberGhost, an essential VPN

Today, 15 million internet users around the world trust the CyberGhost VPN. If so many people appreciate it, it is thanks to the simplicity of use of its application (computer and mobile) but especially thanks to all the benefits it offers on the internet. Anyone can use this VPN, it is among the easiest to get started with.

Optimal security and anonymity

Even if you think your connection is secure, nothing will replace that of CyberGhost. This VPN uses advanced encryption to protect your data online, so even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or experienced hackers will not be able to see your activities. Nothing will be disclosed, from banking information to email conversations to files downloaded in P2P.

CyberGhost does more than just secure your data. It also protects your identity by masking your IP address, this number that identifies you on the internet. To be anonymous online, it is not enough to open an anonymous browser window on your browser. It is essential to hide your IP address, what CyberGhost does. Once connected, the VPN IP address will appear – not yours. This time, you will be truly anonymous on the internet.

Internet content available everywhere

Access to international content is one of the reasons why you need CyberGhost. By connecting to this VPN, you will benefit from a new virtual location that will allow you to access more websites and content, not available in normal times in your country. With its large network of servers (over 6,000 in total) in 90 countries, you can choose the geographic location of your choice and bypass all the geo-restrictions in place.


In practice, it will therefore be possible to watch French TV channels live while you are staying outside French territory. Conversely, CyberGhost will make you discover streaming platforms not available in France like Hulu or even Amazon Prime Video. The VPN provider also manages to unlock more than 15 Netflix libraries. And when you know that the American Netflix catalog is 2x more supplied than Netflix FR, it makes you want!

A monthly subscription at 2.64 €

If you are not yet convinced that CyberGhost VPN is the software you need, its current special promotion at -80% should convince you. While the basic price of his subscription is € 12.99 per month, the price increases to 2.64 € / month for 3 years with this reduction. In addition to this extremely low price, 2 additional free months are offered at the end of the commitment period.

This CyberGhost offer will allow you to benefit from 3 years of online freedom for a total amount of less than € 100, which is much cheaper than rivals whose sum generally oscillates between € 250 and € 300. For convenience, there will be no monthly withdrawals from your account since payment is made in one go. Finally, you have the right to test the service for free for 45 days and demand your refund if you are not satisfied.

Your account will allow you to use the CyberGhost application on 7 other devices connected in parallel (computers, tablet, smartphone, game consoles and Smart TV). For families, this is ideal! To discover the offer, it is here:

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