Good VPN plan: Surfshark, a (drastic) fall in its price!

by admin-kervin

If you’ve vaguely heard of VPNs and you don’t really see how they are used, we will remind you of the basics. This computer software, whose acronym stands for Virtual Private Network or Réseau Privé Virtuel in French, aims to secure your internet connection and make you anonymous by hiding your location.

Thanks to this technology, your confidential data and your online activities will be protected wherever you connect. VPNs will also allow you to change your location to access international content that is not available in your geographic area (TV channels, streaming platforms, downloads, etc.).

Although the process seems complicated at first glance, VPNs are very simple to use; to activate it, you will just have to click on the login button as you would with any other application.

To end the weekend in style and take advantage of all these advantages, Surfshark’s promotional offer for less than € 2 / month is very timely. No other player of its standing offers such a monthly price. This is by far the best value for money until tonight.

The ultimate VPN for anonymity, video streaming, downloading and more

Surfshark offers a comprehensive VPN app that will strengthen your online protection with one click and allow you to enjoy all the content you want. For this, Surfshark provides all of its users with more than 1,700 private servers which will encrypt all your data online. At the same time, its servers located in 63 countries will hide your IP address and assign you another in the country you have selected. You will be anonymous and in the eyes of the internet you can be located wherever you want.

Surfshark will significantly improve your video streaming experience as it successfully unblocks many platforms including Netflix and 15 libraries to date. To summarize simply: by clicking on a server located in the United States, you will have access to the Netflix US catalog. Surfshark is also very practical when traveling abroad because it gives you access to French TV channels, which is impossible without VPN because of geographic restrictions.


With Surfshark, no need for instructions. The application was designed for everyone and judging by its interface, there is no doubt about it.

Its application is one of the simplest to use whether you are on computers (MacOS, Windows), on tablet or mobile (iOS and Android). If the Surfshark VPN is also interesting it is thanks to its number of unlimited simultaneous connections allowing to use its application on as many electronic devices as you want. Without costing you more, you can cover your devices and those of your loved ones.

A low price subscription

Surfshark is without a doubt the VPN offering the best value for money today. With its promotion on its 24-month subscription, Surfshark is strong. Its price goes from 9.89 € / month to only 1.85 € / month ! The total amount that will have to be settled is € 44.40 while most competitors charge their users almost € 150 for this type of package.

With such a low price, we expect that some features will not be included, but … no! You will have access to all the advantages of Surfshark mentioned above, namely:

  • use on an unlimited number of devices
  • access to 1,700 servers in 63 countries
  • a secure connection with AES-256 encryption
  • fast throughput without buffering
  • assistance available 24/7

And the icing on the cake, this subscription is fully refundable for a period of 30 days following your purchase. If the Surfshark VPN is not doing the job for you (we doubt it), your costs will be re-credited a few days after your request.

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