Spotify is going to make it a little more difficult for all those users who use the family plan to share with friends, and thus cost them less monthly subscription. The company wants only families to use it, So you are taking action. As we can read in The Verge, the straming music service will use the exact GPS location to detect that people who use the family plan live together. This is a measure that was raised last year, but that the company banished from its plans for privacy issues.


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Well, now it is news again, with the difference that this time it will take place. Thus, from now on when we sign up for this plan we will have to give an address using Google Maps. This information will be periodically reviewed by Google so that there is no possibility of cheating over time. With regard to privacy, an issue that concerns us all, since Spotify have commented that the data will be encrypted. That is, the location information that is collected during the creation of the family plan account will only be used by Spotify for this purpose.

The Spotify family plan has a monthly price of 15 euros per month, offering the possibility that 6 members of the same family can have an account to listen to music. To date, the trap was very simple: six acquaintances or friends agreed to pay a proportional share, in this case of 2.50 euros per month each, thus saving 7.50 euros every month, since the Spotify Premium service has a monthly cost of 10 euros. Naturally, the company has grown tired of this abusive practice and has chosen to set limits and make sure that, indeed, the family plan is really for families.

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