Google adjusts its algorithm to highlight the original news in the search engine

by Kelvin
Google adjusts its algorithm to highlight the original news in the search engine

From now on you will highlight above all the articles that you identify as original content, keeping these articles in first position

Google changed its algorithm to highlight the original news, articles and reports in the search results. With this measure, the search engine wants to reward the original content, as well as "the time, resources and effort" that journalists devote to its creation, especially if it is a critically important issue that requires a great deal of factual investigation. and search in the different sources.


"Google search was created to provide everyone with access to information on the web, and with tens of thousands of web pages, hundreds of hours of video, thousands of tweets and news stories published every minute of the day. Our work is to examine that content and find the most useful results possible, "wrote Richard Gringas, vice president of news for Google, in the post of the official Google blog where he explained this change in strategy. "With the news in particular, we always seek to show a diversity of articles and sources to provide users with the greatest context and knowledge possible"he added.

Although Google previously showed the most recent and complete version of the story in the first place, from now on it will stand out above all the articles that it identifies as original content, keeping these articles in first position for a longer time. Thus, the reader can have the original version within reach, at the same time that he can check the most recent news on the subject.

How will Google know what content is the original? Gringas acknowledged in the blog that there is no definition or absolute standard to establish the originality of a particular article, so its algorithm uses different criteria that are constantly improved and updated.

"To adjust and validate our algorithms and help our systems understand the authority of individual pages, we have more than 10,000 classifiers from around the world that examine our work," he explained.

Among the guidelines that guide their classification systems, we can highlight the news "that provides information that otherwise would not have been known if the article had not revealed it", in addition to taking into account the reputation of the editor.

"For example, you may find that a newspaper (with an associated website) has won journalistic awards. The prestigious awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize or the history of high-quality original reports, are strong evidence of a positive reputation," he said. .

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