Google and Apple stop listening to Siri & # 039; s recordings and Google Assistant

by Kelvin
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Since an investigation revealed the treatment of Alexa & # 039; s voice recordings by Amazon, soon the focus was on other digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. In recent months, doubts have arisen about how much these attendees respect privacy, since it has been confirmed that these services have third-party employees listening to recordings to improve voice detection.

Amazon It is not the only one that has been involved in this controversy, because both Google ace Apple They listen to private recordings through a company outsourced by companies whose objective is to analyze these conversations and requests made to the virtual assistant, to improve the service. For this reason last week we indicated how you can disable Siri from the iPhone so they can not hear you.


Google and Apple take a step back

Now the two main technology companies in the world want to avoid controversies with different strategies.

In the case of Cupertino & # 039; s, Apple plans to issue a software update to request the consent of users before allowing them to participate in the product improvement program, the "excuse" with which record conversations with Siri in order to be analyzed by third parties in search of a better operation of the assistant. Meanwhile, the order has been given to stop registering the conversations, as stated Apple:

While we are conducting a comprehensive review of our platform, we are suspending the Siri transcription system worldwide. In addition, as part of a future software update, users will be able to participate in the classification or not.

Google It is in a similar situation, only that it offers a certain period of time during which they will stop registering all the conversations made with their assistant. In mid-July the company recognized making a transcript of voice fragments from the assistant that contained confidential information, such as medical conditions and customer addresses.

Google and Apple stop listening to Siri & # 039; s recordings and Google Assistant 2

In this case, Google will stop registering users & # 039; voice for 3 months in order to improve the system and cease to be a participant in the controversy in which it has been involved.

We are in contact with the Hamburg data protection authorities and together we are evaluating how we change the process so that users understand how the audio data collected by Google Assistant.