Google and Qualcomm want to flood the market with headphones with Google Assistant

by Kelvin
Google and Qualcomm want to flood the market with headphones with Google Assistant

Google wants to facilitate the creation of smart headphones equipped with its Assistant, and to that end, it has partnered with Qualcomm to create a complete and easy-to-customize development kit. Based on a series of SoC (System On a Chip) from Qualcomm, both companies hope to offer everything developers need so they can start manufacturing devices equipped with Google Assistant immediately, and so flood the market with headphones that offer all the functionality of their artificial intelligence, but that don't cost a fortune

The name could not be more self-explanatory. Named “Qualcomm Smart Hearing Aids Development Kit for Google Assistant,” this package uses Qualcomm QCC5100, QCC3024 and QCC3034 chips, and is compatible with Google’s Fast Pair technology, making it easy to connect devices and At the same time it keeps the battery use low, giving it a longer duration per charge and overall life.
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This combination of Google and Qualcomm technologies should result in a platform that provides strong support for a variety of actions, in the style of Google Home. For example, pressing a button to talk to the Assistant is just the beginning. In addition, manufacturers are expected to enable the various features that Google will add to their Fast Pair compatible accessories, such as Find My Accessory and real-time translation thanks to advanced machine learning.


Hearing aids and headphones with support for the Google Assistant are nothing new, as we have seen manufacturers such as Sony, Bose and JBL launching headphones with the built-in Assistant since 2017. Google even took its own opportunity in the market with Pixel Buds. However, the process of creating and adding the Hearing Aid Wizard can be long and difficult, and it is probably the reason we have not seen many other manufacturers incorporating Google's artificial intelligence in the past two years. But now, the possibility of simply buying this kit as a starting point could mean that we will soon see an increase in the amount of affordable hearing aids with the built-in Google Assistant.

Google and Qualcomm have even created an example to demonstrate what the development kit can achieve. While the "Qualcomm Smart Hearing Aids Development Kit for Google Assistant" does not have a very commercial name, it does include high quality audio, noise cancellation, a "push to talk" button for the assistant, a life Prolonged battery life, and is compatible with a wide range of designs, from wireless stereo headphones to internal headphones, and even business-focused business headphones. The development kit is available as of today.

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