Google Android 10 – Say goodbye to the 'Back' button!

by Kelvin

Google Android 10 – Say goodbye to the 'Back' button! – Earlier this year, some rumors and leaks claimed that Google was planning to remove the back button from its Android OS. Or so to speak, the 'Arrow' that takes us to the menu immediately behind would disappear forever.

Well… The rumors were more or less true! So it's time to say goodbye to the conventional buttons of the Android operating system. Welcome Gestures

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So the familiar bar of the Android world will disappear to make room for a whole new gesture-based navigation system. However, if you are not enjoying the conversation, rest assured that you will be able to revert to a simpler option. Although not entirely the same as the current one.

This will allow you to choose between the Android Pie's two-button system or the traditional three-button array of smartphones Pixel (But we don't know if this will be possible after the release of the new Pixel 4).

That is, the navigation bar of Android 10 has no buttons. Instead, to go back, go to Home, or access in-memory apps, you'll need to use a combination of gestures.

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It is possible that the new gesture to go back, makes some conflicts with various applications! Since the same gesture is already used to show certain submenus… Imagine wanting to go to an application's menu, and go back to the smartphone's Home.

Similarly, calling the Google Assistant is also a little more complicated now. After all, you will need to swipe from one corner of the screen. However, for the wizard there are pointers to assist the user in the first attempts.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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