Google Assistant adds a new function that makes it more efficient than Siri

by Kelvin
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It is surprising how virtual assistants have expanded their functions in a relatively short time. In addition, manufacturers maintain their own battles, since everyone wants to have their own virtual butler. Perhaps the most interesting war will be between Google Assistant, available for Android phones, and Siri de Apple. Now, Google Assistant it is unmarked with a novelty that will allow send reminders to our contacts closer.


Google continues to improve its assistant, which is present by default in many Android phones, and can be downloaded to anyone who does not bring it as standard. The company keep improving your chances, and now they have added a feature to send reminders to family, friends and close people. That is Google Assistant not only can you remember our own tasks, but we can do that Another person remembers something that is pending.

Google Assistant adds a new function that makes it more efficient than Siri 1

The function has been designed for the family environment in which several members collaborate in different tasks and continually remember what they have to do. That is, if tomorrow you have to pick up the children at school, your partner can tell Google Assistant So you get a warning. The function follows the usual voice patterns, and it will be enough to say something like: “Hello Google, remind Maria that tomorrow she has to buy milk”. In the same way, we can ask to Google Assistant the reminders we have sent to a specific contact, for example: “Hello Google, what are my reminders for Luis?

Google Assistant now allows reading and replying to WhatsApp messages

Also by location

This new feature will also be available for reminders. based on location with a specific address or landmark. This means that Google will notify our contacts when they reach the selected destination. For example: "Hello Google, remind Messi to score a goal when he arrives in Madrid." The assistant will create a reminder that will appear on Lionel's mobile when Google detects through the location that the capital has arrived.

Google Assistant  now available in smartphones Android 5.0 Lollipop

When will it be available

These reminders for third parties may received and sent only to people in the family group from Google, or those that have their accounts linked. In addition, the recipient must be in the Google contacts of the sender. Even so, each user will have the control to decide whether or not to receive third-party reminders, modifying the settings from a new section of “Assignable Reminders” within the Assistant settings. Google has confirmed that the feature will first be available in the coming weeks in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, only in English. The function is expected to be globally implemented shortly thereafter.

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