Google Assistant : how to silence him and he only displays the results on the screen

by Kelvin
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Google Assistant has a new feature. It is now possible to make it content to display the results of a query on the screen, without responding to it vocally at the same time.


Voice assistants can be handy for getting information when you can not or do not want to type a browser request yourself. But the voice that answers us, still robotics despite the efforts of developers, can sometimes be quite unpleasant to listen. And at night or in public, it may also be unwelcome that our smartphone braille the weather tomorrow. Google is aware of this and has added an option to Assistant so that our device only displays the results on the screen rather than being presented to us orally.

Google Assistant : With this option, query results appear on the screen but are not spoken vocally

Here is the procedure to activate this option:

    On your Android phone or tablet, touch & hold home button or say "Ok Google"In the lower right corner, press the "Explore" icon (the compass) In the upper right corner, Touchez your profile picture or your initialsSelect SettingsGo to the tab AssistantGo down to Appliances used and select the one you want to configureScroll up Voice and voice recognition and press Voice output modeSelect Hands free only

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There you go ! When you send requests to Google Assistant, the results will be presented on the screen and you will not have to bear his voice, except when your smartphone or tablet is in hands-free mode.

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