Google Assistant Offering Siri and Alexa Smart Assistant with the highest IQ


When we talk about virtual voice assistants, three names are immediately remembered: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. There are several others, like Microsoft Cortana, Xiaomi XiaoAI, but they are not very popular outside of China. Globally, Google dominates the Android smartphone segment with its data-driven assistants, and Amazon Amazon has occupied a niche in the new smart speaker segment, and Siri's Apple – for company products. If you, like us, are interested in knowing which one has the highest IQ of the three, a research report has been published where Google Assistant leads the smart voice assistant segment.

This study was conducted in the United States, where the capabilities of virtual voice assistants were tested using smart speakers. Of course, this series dominates the smart speaker market Amazon Echo and Google Home series, while ApplePod really rots in third place.

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The study was conducted by Loup Ventures, and how it was done, the company prepared 800 questions, examined them individually, and rated voice assistants for two indicators:

1. Can the voice assistant understand this problem? "

2. Can voice assistants answer this question with certainty? Β»To maximize the reach of most conversations in life, 800 questions are divided into five sections, namely:

1. Location information, for example, "Where is the nearest coffee shop?"

2. Consumer information, for example, β€œHelp me order paper towels online?”

3. Navigation information: for example, β€œHow to get to the city by bus?”

4. Information, for example, "What time does Rocket play today?"

5. Information about the team, for example, "Remind me that today is 2 pm in the afternoon meeting"

The final table of test results shows that Google Assistant wins in almost all categories with an accuracy of over 90%. On the other hand, Siri was in second place and Alexa, in third place. Google Assistant    Offering Siri and Alexa Smart Assistant with the highest IQ 3

A similar test with the same rank was performed last year, but it currently shows that all three received some form of improvement.