Google Assistant, Siri: Google and Apple do not listen to your conversations anymore

by Kelvin
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Google and Apple both announced the suspension of the analysis of conversations Google Assistant and Siri. In both cases, this suspension is announced as temporary. Apple promises the upcoming introduction of a consent option. This is currently not the case on the Google side.


Amazon, Apple and Google have all been pinned for unorthodox practices regarding their various voice assistants. The latest controversy concerns Apple that makes Siri users' conversations listen to third-party companies. Following the revelations of recent days, Apple and Google have decided to suspend listening to users.

Google and Apple no longer listen to conversations Google Assistant and Siri

"While we are doing a thorough review, we are suspending the analysis of Siri conversations globally. In addition, as part of a future software update, users will have the opportunity to choose to participate in the program ", explained Apple in a statement. The firm will soon introduce a consent option that did not exist so far. Worse, users were not informed of this practice before the leaks in recent weeks. It's the same for Google, despite the new constraints imposed by the RGPD in Europe.

Yes Apple stop its listening program all over the world, the suspension of the plays Google Assistant only concerns Europe for a period of three months, the time to conduct investigations following leakage of data from conversations of more than 1000 users in Germany. The German authorities have in fact demanded that the wiretaps be stopped and an inquiry be made into the methods used internally to ensure the privacy of the users. The firm has executed but applies this suspension to all Europe.

Contrary to Apple, Google has not yet indicated whether it will allow users to choose whether they wish to grant permission to access their conversations to, as the company explains, improve the performance of Google Assistant and offer a personalized experience.