Google Chrome can now block malware downloads

by Kelvin
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Chrome is now included in Google's advanced protection program which provides an added level of security for registered users. The browser is now able to protect them from risky downloads and this includes viruses, malware and other malware.


By launching its advanced protection program in 2017, Google wanted to prevent hackers from seizing Gmail accounts from users who needed an extra level of security. Two years later, the firm notes that they are still vulnerable to different forms of attack that divert them from their inbox.

Chrome now blocks dangerous downloads

In a note posted on his blog, the firm announced that registered users of the program now have access to a new feature of protection for downloads made in Chrome. To benefit from this, simply enable Google Sync at the browser level. Then, when the user tries to download a file that Chrome identifies as potentially dangerous, it displays a warning or always blocks the download.

This security is stronger than what Google offers to normal Chrome users who already have protection against certain malware. "While Chrome protects all users against malware, those who benefit from advanced protection will enjoy an even higher level of security," says Google in his post.

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Until now, advanced protection prevented Gmail from being hacked, but out-of-the-box attacks are legion and more and more sophisticated. This program was initially launched for Internet users likely to be the target of hackers or malicious people, including activists, business leaders, journalists, campaign teams, etc. Theoretically, everyone can register as long as he feels particularly targeted and this requires the acquisition of a physical security key.

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