Google Chrome can now block smart software downloads

by Kelvin
Google Chrome can now block smart software downloads

Google Advanced Protection Program (APP) now offers members an additional layer of protection against smart downloads in Chrome.

After activating Chrome sync (a tool that stores bookmarks, passwords and other information in a Google account), app members will see a warning if they try to download potentially dangerous software. In some cases Chrome can completely block downloads.


APP is designed for people like politicians and CEOs, who are more at risk of having their Google account attacked than the average web user. However, anyone who is very concerned about privacy can register.

The service itself is free, but you must first purchase and register two hardware security keys (primary and backup) so that you can protect your account through two-factor authentication. The key line of defense hardware is important against phishing attacks, as it not only verifies your identity, but also the site or service you are trying to enter.


The renewal of the Advanced Protection Program comes a few days after Google launched its own Titan Security Key in the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Japan. The password was previously only available in the US. UU., Where Google uses it to help employees block their accounts.

People with access to confidential information (such as Google staff) are often targeted by highly targeted phishing attacks, involve emails that contain personal information and appear to come from friends or colleagues. The link in this email takes the target person to a fake login page that sends their username and password to a dangerous third party,

Google claims that no phishing attack has been successful against its workers since entering the password.

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