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Maj. the 7th august 2019 at 7 h 54 min

Google Chrome has nearly 190,000 extensions, most of which are used very little, if at all. Nearly 90% of extensions have less than 1000 users. At the other extreme, the most popular extensions have more than 10 million users and there are 13 of them.


One of the reasons why Google is so popular is its expansion store, which has tens of thousands of plug-ins covering various categories. Like the Android Play Store, there are applications to do almost anything, but which are the most used? The Extension Monitor service has just released a report that provides many interesting details about using Google Chrome extensions.

Chrome: 13 extensions have more than 10 million users

The statistics provided in the report come from data provided by Google. We learn that 13 most used extensions have more than 10 million users and this number could be much higher in each case since Google does not provide a precise figure beyond 10 million downloads. The 13 extensions of this top are:

    Cisco WebExGoogle TranslateAvastAdobe AcrobatGrammarlyAdblock PlusPinterestSkypeAdblockAvast SafePriceuBlockOriginHoneyTampermonkey.

Other extensions also approach this threshold. These are Google Photos, LastPass, Text, Avira, Google Hangouts, among others. Other interesting information is contained in this report. Despite the nearly 190,000 extensions available on Google Chrome, 87% have a user count of less than 1000. There are also about 20,000 extensions that count zero installation. This represents about 10% of the entire blind. 25,000 extensions have only one user, which represents 13% of all. More generally, 50% of Chrome extensions have less than 16 users.

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Finally, like the Play Store, the Chrome Web Store also has paid extensions. They number 16,718, which represents 8.9% of the total. About 35% of them have no users. The most used is the IE Tab extension and it has 4.1 million installations, which represents 31.5% of the paid extension installations.

Source: Extension Monitor

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