Google Chrome renews its open tabs interface

by Kelvin
Notificaciones de webs en Google Chrome: cómo desactivarlas

The update of Google Chrome 77 It is leaving us with important news on Android and desktop versions. The last big news is about sending pages between devices. A few days ago we showed you how you can send a page from your mobile to your computer with just a couple of clicks. Now more features come from the server side to Google Chrome 77 for Android. The most important is related to the interface of open tabs in Chrome. This interface has undergone several changes in recent years and now it seems that the IOS option will also reach the Android phones.

If you are currently in Google Chrome 77 You can expect the update to reach your device over the days. It may only take a few hours or two weeks. These changes are made very gradually and not all markets can enjoy the news as early as possible. To receive this news you must update to the latest version of Google Chrome on Google Play.


This is the new open tab interface in Google Chrome

The interface of previous versions showed tabs on large cards with a vertical scroll. Now things change as they tell us in Android Police. They have already received the server-side update and can see the new interface. This is a design that came to Chrome for iOS a while ago and is now implemented in Android. You don't have to do anything special to have this interface, just be in version 77 and wait.

The change is quite radical, Well, we went from having very large cards to several small cards. It is a way to see all the open tabs better, because the interface that has been imposed so far was not easy. It only allowed a full view of the most recent tab.

After the update you will see several tabs at a glance and you can merge them if you place one on top of the other. You can do this with a long press on one tab and dragging to the other. You can also remove them by clicking on the cross in the upper right. According to Android Police, if you run your finger over one of the tabs a floating window appears, although we do not know its purpose.

We have tried to replicate the interface on our device and it has not been possible for us. We look forward to receiving the update to try it. At first it is not a test, but of an interface that is staggered to version 77 of Google Chrome.

Source | Android Police

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