Google Chrome will automatically block website notifications

Google Chrome will automatically block website notifications 1

Google Chrome will now automatically block website notifications. The web browser tries to protect users from spam and unwanted notifications. Not surprisingly, the default Chrome key settings can be adjusted.

Google is working on a new feature for Chrome, reports XDA Developers. On Android and PC, the web browser runs Automatically blocks all notifications sent by the website. This option will appear briefly in Chrome Canarias, development version of the browser. Not surprisingly, Google Chrome is basically a notification asking you for permission to send you a warning or a notification asking you to accept cookies.

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Google Chrome wants to block standard website notifications

On Android, notifications like this won't be too annoying. Right now, a notification request displays a dialog box that takes up most of your smartphone screen. In the next months Chrome will provide various display options for Android users.

First, you can choose to receive a silent notification informing you that requests made by the site have been blocked by default. Second, you can choose to receive a temporary popup. After a few seconds, the request will disappear from your view. Finally, you can also choose to receive a small "information bar" at the bottom of the screen with a message indicating that the notification has been blocked. However, the “manage” icon will allow you to decide whether you want to continue blocking notifications from this website.


On a PC Chrome will only display discrete icons directly in the address bar. In settings, you can adjust how this icon appears on the screen. Here again we find the “manage” icon that will allow you to exclude or receive notifications from a website.

Finally Google Chrome will also learn from your habits. If you repeatedly reject notifications from the site, the browser will automatically block future warnings. Be careful, this option is still under development. It is unclear when Google intends to spread these features in the final version of its browser.

Source: XDA Developer

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