Google Chrome will include a new way to organize tabs

by Kelvin

As far as Internet browsers within Android it means, Google Chrome It is one of the most successful in the world. And much of the blame is the fact that it is constantly updating and including new and interesting functions. Some time ago he did it with the inclusion of dark mode, which depending on the version we have can be activated from the settings menu or accessing the hidden options. And the novelty of which we now echo is that which will allow us to interact in a different way with the tabs.

Google Chrome will make things easier for us

Most of the users, we usually accumulate a good amount of open tabs in the browser we use, and in the case of Google Chrome it wasn't going to be less; in this way, we are leaving news for later and websites, that at the time of opening them we do not have time to see them, which are swelling the list of tabs within the application. Thus, when we want to access any of them (hours and even days later), it is a real mess.


It is because of that Google He wanted to make things a little easier for us and has included a new way of understanding the tabs in his star browser. From the implementation, these will be grouped into grids, making it more intuitive the interaction with them. And, in addition, we can check a just look What does each one include?

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We can group them by theme

But that's not all: we can also put several tabs together in blocks, just as we put applications inside folders on the desktop of Android (depending on launcher that we have installed in our terminal). With this we will have the possibility of group pages web according to its theme, for example, to access them more quickly without having to search through the dozens of tabs as usual.

As we see, Google Chrome Keep taking steps to be the best Android browser. However, these developments are not yet implemented in official way; Google itself has confirmed that the changes will arrive in the coming weeks, during the fall It starts in just a few hours. In any case, it's just a matter of waiting a little while to try this new way of to interact with our Internet tabs.

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