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by Kelvin
Google Daydream See comments 1

For many virtual realities it is a passing trend, but for others it is the future, and now, indispensable in the mobile industry. One of those who believes this is Google, which in the past Google I / O introduced its new virtual reality platform, Daydream, along with viewers who bore the same name.


Google's goal is to provide a simple and intuitive experience, leaving aside the tedious configuration requested by devices until now on the market. Unfortunately, it is only available in a few countries, although there is always the possibility of importing it from the United States, for example.

Worth it? Come find out!

Technical details of the tested unit

Manufacturers and models
– Google – Daydream View D9SGA, D9SCA remote control – Initial state: new
Dimensions and weight.
– Dream screen: 166.8 x 106.2 x 98.6 mm, 220 grams – Remote control: 105 x 35 x 17 mm, 40 grams
Hardware and connectivity
– Bluetooth LE– 9 axis IMU– NFC– USB-C
– Daydream (Snapdragon 821 or newer) – There are multiple devices with Snapdragon 820 compatible
– The control yields up to 12 hours of autonomy
Open the box
– Daydream screen – Control in control – Remote control – Manual


When we talk about virtual reality, we all imagine spectators who look futuristic, full of technology and sometimes even a little awkward to use. Daydream's vision has come to break that paradigm.

Google Daydream See comments 1

The design is very beautiful, with ingredients chosen perfectly. It does not matter if you do not store the device, it does not change the harmony of the chair, the chair or the table where the computer is located. The color we choose is Blackboardeven so Snow Y Crimson They look just as good.

Simplicity is the key. By opening the viewfinder, we find space to maintain control, in case you don't want to use the attached strap to tie it to your hand. This turned out to be very convenient, because it is practically impossible for you to lose control when you have it there.

Google Daydream See comments 2 "width =" 750 "height =" 497

The visor itself is very comfortable, even if you put it too tight on your head, you will not feel less sagging. Additional points because there is enough space to use it with the lens, which we thank all of us who have a visual disability.

In general, in my opinion, the design was very well chosen, both for the comfort of the user and to convince him that he did not dare to buy such a device.

Menarik Attractive, non-technological design ✅ Very comfortable and easy to adjust easily Can be worn with lenses ✅ No need to bother wearing it for a long time ✅ Excellent build quality ✅ Space to stay in control and not get lost

Video quality

Until now I had to try some virtual reality viewers that left a lot to be desired. Let's be clear, we all know that it is very difficult to achieve a complete virtual reality experience with a phone, because we need a very high resolution for that. In Pixel XL (the device that Daydream tested) I found the closest to good quality.

We haven't found a clear image yet, but it's clear enough to enjoy the content we see. YouTube For example, it offers the option to impose the highest quality, but the content takes time to load and the experience becomes more boring.

Google Daydream See comments 3 "width =" 750 "height =" 497

Certainly, in the near future we will see that cell phones can support higher quality virtual reality content without problems, but as long as we have to endure the device getting very hot (and really really hot) when using it. Given this, a warning will appear after 20 or 30 minutes of use, the purpose of which is to stop using the phone.

Google Daydream See comments 4 "width =" 750 "height =" 497

Perhaps, in this case, one of the best viewers at the moment, but there are still many who say that it provides excellent image quality, regardless of the device used for testing. This is not a Daydream problem, but when it starts.

✅ Good quality compared to the competition

Aksa Force maximum quality content takes a long time to load ❎ Device heats up long after brief use

The platform

Daydream is trying to become a virtual reality standard for Android devices. So far there has not been a single platform for this, making it difficult to find all content in one place. Daydream's idea is pretty good, and simple, but not without failure.

Setting up viewers is very easy. Everything is automatic, you only need to configure the phone and thanks to NFC everything works immediately. The induction process teaches you how to use the remote control to center the screen, what functions the keys have, etc. When I tried it with my family, no one had a problem understanding how it was used, Google said in this case.

But (because there is always a but) the situation seemed quite unclear to me. Daydream Play Store has a regional key, so it only works in countries where the device is officially sold. No, this is not the end of the world, you can still enter the Play Store from the phone and download the application you want, no problem, but that additional step is quite tedious.

On the other hand, the interface of the platform is quite nice and simple. A touchpad with built-in controls lets you interact with it like a phone, swipe to one side or the other, and press to enter an application.

✅ Sederhana very easy to connect Simple and intuitive interface ✅ Applications and games use all aspects of the system

❎ Regional code in Play Store


What is a platform without content? In 2017, we don't have an unlimited amount of content for VR yet, but we're pleased to know that there are multiple developers that support Daydream as standard, tailoring their apps to be fully compatible with viewers and controls.

YouTube For example, this is perfectly matched and very easy to use. Integrate the virtual keyboard, but you can also search by voice. Plus, you can easily separate content in 4K, 360 degrees, and by category.

Netflix, for example, still doesn't understand a thing. The virtual reality application is only based on sitting in a chair and putting the television in front. If you haven't noticed, that's the same thing you would do when sitting in front of a TV that Netflix is ​​really watching.

In general, all Google content is very easy to use, but even some third-party apps are quite good. For example, VR Karts Sprint is a type of Mario Kart but is optimized for virtual reality. In this game we can use the remote control as a steering wheel, just turning to one side and the other.

Google Daydream See comments 5 "width =" 750 "height =" 497

There are other games that use this technology, like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but personally I find it very boring. I think there are endless opportunities for developers here, so now the platform is open for everyone, I want to see what will happen in the future.

✅ The Google app works perfectly

❎ More and more apps and games are missing❎ Some apps don't have a reason to be in virtual reality


Yes, I know that Daydream View does not have batteries, but I think it is good to talk about how the phone is used when using the viewfinder. As you can guess, the Pixel requirements are very high to run this type of content, reaching very high temperatures, as mentioned above.

This, as expected, makes the battery consumption very high. For example, around 20 minutes using Daydream can easily consume 10 or more batteries 15% I am not talking about a longer time, because after that period of time a warning will appear that the temperature is very high and you should let the device rest before continuing to use it.

Regarding control, autonomy is quite good. From the moment I opened Daydream until writing this review, I didn't have to upload it once. According to the manufacturer, it offers coverage. 12 hours, but with intermittent use there are no problems. To charge, you just need to connect it to the USB-C cable, which is not included.


I really believe that a platform is needed that is the foundation for all developers who want to create applications for virtual reality. If Daydream were the only one, only time would tell, but at least it was an excellent first attempt by Google to bring the virtual reality experience to all consumers (who have compatible phones).

Lack of enforcement, for now, is a drawback, but it's something that needs to be fixed from time to time. Anyway, we found content to have fun playing with the device, although more variations of places to choose from wouldn't hurt.

The device itself is better than other mobile virtual reality displays I've tested before, this shows a lot of attention in every detail and I even dare to say that this design will set the standard for other manufacturers.

Should you buy it? If you have a Pixel or other compatible phone and want to have fun, $ 49 (the asking price, originally $ 79) is the correct price for the product. Of course, you should import and pay more, it's probably not a justified fee. It depends on the person, but I dare not say that it is absolutely necessary.

Google Daydream See comments 6 "width =" 750 "height =" 497


Daydream View is not currently available in Chile, but in the United States, it is available at Google Store and Best Buy stores. Both places are currently priced at USD $ 49, so importing them is a good option for those who really want it.

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