Google determines that new Android apps should be 64-bit from August

by Kelvin
Google determina que novos apps Android deverão ter versão 64-bits à partir de agosto

THE Google determined that all new apps and updates to existing apps released on Play Store from August 2019 will have to bring a 64-bit version, in addition to the traditional 32-bit edition. This is something that has been promised since December 2017, when Google unveiled its intentions to end 32-bit programs.

This is something that Apple it's been over 1 year ago, but it's worth remembering that the company also implemented the 64-bit architecture a few generations before the chipset makers Android. The great advantage of this processor architecture over 32-bit is performance, but apps need to be adapted to it.


There are a number of exceptions to this new Google rule. The first of these are games that use older versions of Unity, such as 5.6 or earlier. These may only be 32-bit coded until August 1, 2021.

Apps and games for Wear os and Android TV will not be affected either, as these devices do not yet support 64-bit architectures.

Anyway, August 1st, 2021 will be the key day for the Play Store. As of this date, no 32-bit program applications can be installed on 64-bit compatible devices.

Via: Android Police, 9to5 Google Source: Android Developers Blog

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