Google Duo adds web group calls and invites by links

by Kelvin
Google Duo adds web group calls and invites by links

Google announced the launch of new features for the Duo app this Friday (8), such as group calling on the web and sharing links. Amid high demand for video conferencing services during social isolation measures, is the Google Duo copying Zoom?

Scheduled for release in the coming weeks, the Duo’s web group calling feature will allow you to make calls from within Chrome. The user will be able to invite anyone who has a Google account, such as an email in Gmail, for example, simply by sharing the link to the conversation.

Recently, Google Duo increased the number of participants in video calls from 8 to 12, with the promise of increasing to more than 30 participants soon. And the new layout of the service, which makes it possible to see more people at the same time on the platform, is also among the news disclosed.


The larger part of the screen is divided into six smaller frames, which show the faces of some of the participants. At the bottom there is a carousel, through which you can view the other members of the video link, scrolling through the list.

new family mode

Google’s video calling app has also been given a new familiar mode, making the platform more kid-friendly. In this mode, there are features to make the chat more lively, such as doodles visible to everyone, effects and masks that turn users into cats, astronauts and much more.

To access this mode, just tap on the menu icon and choose the “Family” option after starting the video call. When doing this, the end call and silence buttons are disabled to avoid abrupt interruptions.

According to the company, this new feature requires the user to log in with a Google account on Duo to access it.

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