Google finally officializes its "new" Google Play Store

by Kelvin
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The new design of Google Play Store was first released during the last month of May. However, the implementation will have failed or had major errors and was eventually rolled back. However, as we learned a few days ago, this same design is reaching the widest range of Android devices.

The change now becomes official with the American technology announcing this range of news!


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The aspect that was redistributed in mid-August will have enjoyed effective implementation and no apparent errors. By the way, otherwise it would have already felt a reversal to the old design in the Google Play Store. After all, that is what has happened on more than one occasion in the past.

It is official! The "new" has come Google Play Store

The new "look”Uses the Material Design from the US giant, as well as the Google Sans font. It's one of the biggest changes for the Android content store. Already, for the average user, the first impression will be caused by the white look. In fact, a whole simpler and brighter interface.

These are light tones that line all the menus of the Google Play Store. At the same time, there are fewer visuals, no backdrops or intermediate colors. There is white, very white, with the content (images and text), nothing more. Something that leaves us with a simpler but captivating store.

Google finally officializes its "new" Google Play Store 2

The company also said that on Android mobile devices we will have specific changes. Something that materializes in moving the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen. Here, according to Google, the change is about ease of use, especially for those with big screens.

Changes exclusive to Android devices

On Chrome OS devices, on the other hand, the navigation bar is now located on the left side. This is the biggest distinction between Android terminals and Chrome OS devices, and in both cases the motivation is enhanced, one-handed ease.

It's good to see the technology company responsible for change showing confidence in it. NoteIt is also noted that this same update continues to reach users gradually and phased. Already from our previous article, we saw that some users had already received this “look”For weeks.

Here in contrast to other Android devices that are still waiting to receive this update. Until then, we have positive confirmation from the responsible company. Hopefully, the user doesn't mind all this white in the whole interface of Google Play Store.

Already received the design of the "nova" Google Play Store?

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