Google Go App Released! Here are the features

by Kelvin
Google Go App Released! Here are the features

The long-awaited Google Go app has been released. Thanks to the Google Go application, low-system smart phones will be able to search smoothly.

In 2017 Android Go issued for devices with an operating system Google Go The app is now opened to all users after the tests. Google Gooptimizes search results to save up to 40% of data and provides a faster search experience.

Google Go works even if your internet connection speed is low. Low-end smartphone users can easily search with Google Go without experiencing freezing or freezing on their devices. Google reads websites for you aloud.


Google Go Google Lens support is included in the application. Google Lens Thanks to the words in the picture you can translate, you can listen to voice or search.

You can access the weather information in your area from the top left of the application, and you can make application settings from the top right. By pressing the 'Search' button you will be able to access the searches that are currently trending.

Google Go application takes up only 7MB. You need to have Android 5.0 or higher to install the app. To download and use Google Go on your device immediately here link.

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