Google Go is now available to everyone

by Kelvin
Google Go is now available to everyone

A year and a half after a limited launch in India and Indonesia, the Google Go lightweight search application is now available worldwide. With a size of just over 7 MB, the application is intended as a way to find information online for low power devices, and can also remember your search results when you are back online if your connection drops. The application is now available in the Play Store, and Google says it will run on all Android devices running on Lollipop (5.0) and later versions.

In addition to being designed to work on low power devices, Google Go also has some features that, according to the company, are designed for the needs of emerging markets. Earlier this year, Google added the Lens functionality to Google Go, which allows the application to use its camera to read real-world text aloud. The application also has support for voice search and, as of this time last year, you can read web pages aloud. Getting away from writing and reading is not a coincidence. After all, a report published by The Wall Street Journal in 2017 pointed out that the "Next billion users" that Google is targeting will likely depend more on video and voice to interact with their devices.


Google Go is just one of the many applications with the Go brand that Google produces with emerging markets in mind. These include Gmail Go, which offers a reduced email experience, and Gallery Go, which you can use to organize your photos. Along with these applications, Google also produces Android Go, a reduced version of its mobile operating system for low power devices. Although it is primarily intended for emerging markets, this software has also found followers elsewhere due to the relative lack of added features and the efficiency of these applications on cheaper phones. With information from The Verge.

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